Case study 3

The Roman City of Augusta Raurica offered the ruins of the Roman commercial centre Schmidmatt, located at a main road in Roman times and still today a busy motorway. The remaining ground floor and cellars are protected by a shelter building.

Augusta Raurica would like to make the ruins more accessible for visitors and therefore plans to implement a catwalk system for protection and visitor guidance. For the visitor evaluation, we prototypically constructed one piece of catwalk, the rest was represented by plastic tape. The staged area was composed of: cellar, courtyard, corridor, hypocaust room and dining room. We used a documentary approach, giving insights into archaeological working processes: excavation and documentation techniques, preservation, interpretation and reconstruction. The archaeologist Markus Schaub, represented by audio and video sequences, became present by making direct reference to the rooms. We implemented the following sensors: motion, RFID and infrared camera (test run for customized content).