Technology development

The applied research project includes the development of a commercial hardware and software toolkit for exhibition designers and museums. The technology partners Atracsys and Hepia elaborated a distributed system that can be composed and scaled according to the specific requirements of an exhibition. The system is composed of two parts:

1.   A centralized database with an online Content Management System (CMS) to setup and control the main software, node scripts, media content and hardware configuration. After the technical installation it allows the museums to edit, update, monitor and maintain their exhibitions.


2.   Different types of hardware nodes that can be extended by different types of sensors and actuators. Nodes, sensors and actuators all have their separate ID, are networked and therefore individually accessible via CMS. A node can for example run on a Raspberry Pi, an FPGA based on Cyclone V or any desktop computer and is therefore adaptable to the required performance.


The modular architecture allows the technological adaption or extension according to specific needs. For the project, first modules have been developed and implemented according to the case study scenarios.